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Most products are made of materials. These materials are a result of engineering choices. Depending on the designs designers and engineers make they look for properties like strength, resistance, stiffness amongst many other factors. While modern designers and engineers consider taking alternative and environmentally friendly materials into their product mix, they are not aware of all options available and likely steer away from tailored solutions.

At Eco-Space we have decided to focus on material manufacturing technology. This enables Eco-Space to build up materials that are made out of green building blocks and meet specifications of materials that are sometimes much higher positioned in pricing and specifications. With this, we can open new perspectives to engineers and designers with materials that offer a reduced carbon footprint, higher strength and that have cost level that is very competitive.

We truly believe that combining the improved usability of material with a lower footprint and better cost levels will lead to acceptance of the materials in their targeted applications. By using natural ingredients and technology from the composite industry, popular in aerospace, we have a lot of freedom to engineer properties in materials for almost any application.

Are you one of those typical engineers that always wants to see proof and has to overcome skepticism? Then come to us and let us convince you, we can show you a range of samples and tests of materials that are bio-based and with reduced carbon footprint making the most of nature’s finest products. We will also show you that they won’t upset your bill of materials too so that these materials also benefit your project on economy. We love our materials, we passionately create more and more solutions and we are really enjoying the green revolution that we strive to create with them.

Create with us and be surprised as we are convinced you will be!

Finally getting rid of its negative connotation, waste has in recent years developed its potential. Being frowned upon by many, in waste lies a gold mine of resources that now more and more are being explored. Eco-Space has teamed up with her key clients to be part of this waste revival. In Brazil, Eco-Space runs a plant that takes in a waste stream from a separation company. Due to government programs, e-waste – electronic products refused by their users – has to be returned to the manufacturer increasingly. While initially just disposing the used devices to recycling companies, now this activity is taken up by the OEMs themselves. Dismantling and separation is being done at the point of collection and the separate streams of waste are being processed into new resources. Eco-Space is taking care of the thermoplastics stream of the products in a recycling production and compounding line making use of innovative solutions for separation and contamination removal. After the completion of the process, the materials are tested and the specifications that come from these tests are being used as inputs for designing new products from used resources. A true closed loop!

For the client it means less relying on (often overseas) supply of virgin material, less moving of voluminous goods (a big contribution to CO2 emissions) and more direct access to capacity for raw material. It reduces cost, but most of all reduces greatly the use of extraction, refining and transport. A great win for the environment! Are you interested in reusing your resources like them? Contact us and we can demonstrate you the project, even show you the line in Brazil if needed. Do you want to get materials that we have been recycling for them too? Let us know and we can inform you which grades are currently available.

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