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Creating Green Manufacturing Solutions That Enhance Corporate Sustainability Through Quantification & Technology

Tackle a common problem by using green materials.

Extruded wood composites – A sustainable solution for construction

A roofing innovation, which is safe, green and resilient.


Creating a nature saving reusable solution outdoors


In house developed
Using our own engineering resources

Handy but packs a punch
Small and portable, easy to carry along, non intrusive but very practical

A cigarette stand is integrated in the product for instant use

100% recyclable and usable in their original application

An affordable solution, beats getting fined!

Wood based
Using our own wood based material grades for low CO2e


Tensile strength of SpaceDust 50

graphicsSpacedust 50 is a wood/polymer composite that offers superior benefits and is more environmentally friendly than similar polymers that are currently available.

SpaceDust 50 exhibits higher mechanical properties than its native polymer. SpaceDust 50 maintains the ability to flow into fine features and thin walls, making it a viable replacement for native polymers.

The use of organic filler enables us to reduce the content of polymers in the material. This thus results in lowering the carbon footprint as compared to using ABS. In the case of the MightyButt, SpaceDust 50 saw a reduction of as much as 20% in the carbon footprint!

Extruded Wood Composites

Wood based
Using saw dust and polymer that is suitable for outside use

Freedom of shapes
Extrusion reduces material usage, creates structures for load bearing

Competitive to wood, using byproduct that would be burned or thrown, it reduces CO2e in many ways

The polymer integrity inhibits it from moisture ingress and termites

Used for decking, roofing, covering and decoration purposes

Can be used the same way as wood, with same fasteners, can be cut the same way too

Aesthetics resemble that of high quality wood and it caters for different colors


Light Weight
Low energy footprint, less material used. easy to carry and mount

Impact resistant, non-corrosive, smooth and easy to clean surface

100% recyclable and usable in their original application

A whole range of colors could be made, or patterned even by client’s design

Pricing competitive with current solutions

Flame retardant, no heavy elements so no terminal risk when nature strikes

Cool / Silent
Noise levels lower than stone or metal solutions. Not very conductive, leave heat and cold outside

Interlocking feature creates a rigid structure with tiles interlocking. Affixing them by conventional nails or even tie-wraps

What are the benefit?


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Technical Specifications

Material: Plastic

Dimension: please inquire with us for exact dimension



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