About Us

Eco-Space (S) Pte Ltd is dedicated to ingraining the green agenda into the long-term strategy of businesses. Headquartered in Singapore, we integrate skills, goals and techniques to translate strategic plans into achievable results. This promotes better competition in the industry, thereby allowing for a healthy, improved and sustainable business practices.

Our Mission

Creating Green Manufacturing Solutions That Enhance Corporate Sustainability through Analytical Quantification & Technology.

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of passionate & talented individuals who are committed to provide green solutions to companies seeking sustainability. We address sustainability with a blend of carbon emissions reduction strategies, green-supply chain implementation, materials re-assessing as well as energy and water-efficiency adaptations. To ensure accuracy, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your needs.

What does sustainability mean to us?

Cost Effective

When talking about green, a lot of people get excited that they actually can do their share in protecting Mother Earth. Mostly the disappointment that follows turns them away from green initiatives as they more often than not turn out to be pricy. That doesn’t help our precious planet! At Eco-Space we believe that green technology doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, but can also create economical or cost benefits. There are often obvious savings that just come from applying best practice and using recycling but the less obvious cost advantages can be achieved further upstream in the supply chain, where it comes to compounding.

Eco-Space uses used or recycled materials and combines them with existing solutions, often adding a hint of chemistry to enhance and deploy their full potential. Using regional grades and improving their technical potential with simple fillers saving loads on transport and storage. Or adds agricultural byproducts or natures beautiful fibers to materials as reinforcements, often low cost alternatives that otherwise would be incinerated. With this the main dogma of green technology, it being expensive or too costly compared to conventional polluting and emitting technologies, is effectively countered.

Do contact us if you want to help us get your designers to adapt these green cost savers into your project. It sometimes requires some changes in thinking, but there are many more possibilities than you would imagine at first sight!


Opportunities are created for all team members to bring their ideas to the workplace in an environment that cultivates the exchange of broad thinking; inspiring innovation.

We are our Client’s advocates, thus we care about your business as our own and we always want to take greater heights with you. When your Organisation takes a step towards in caring for the world that we live in, your consumers follow this step with you.

According to a 2007 global survey, consumers say that Organisations should take the lead in tackling climate change and reducing their footprints. These consumers know they want to act green, but they expect Organisations to lead the way. Similarly, a 2007 Technology Readiness Survey of 1025 adults, found that more than two-thirds of participants say they prefer to do businesses with environmentally responsible companies; but almost half say it difficult to find green goods and services.

Just like us at Eco-Space, we always know there is always room to grow. Your action today proves tomorrow’s sustainability.


At Eco-Space, we understand the choice of materials and manufacturing processes has a large impact on the Carbon Footprint of the product.

We look at product requirement(s) and recommend an alternative material which has a lower carbon footprint.

Eco-Space has developed our own green material which incorporates sustainable fillers into polymer matrix.


This material has shown to reduce the carbon footprint by 20% when it is used as an alternative to ABS in our in-house baby – The MightyButt.

By analysing the process flow of manufacturing, we can then identify the energy-intensive processes; and propose alternative solutions which could potentially reduce the total amount of Carbon Footprint.


When the Organisation does well, the rewards are shared within the team. This means your people will be more happy and will perform better. A happy work place promotes a healthy, and engaging environment so people fall sick less easily and thus less cost going towards the medical benefit.

Who drives the company? People. Make them happy.


Eco Space has taken a significant step, and many more to come. Every team member shares this as a personal commitment on a personal level, but is also right for our business. We are committed to putting our innovative ideas and expertise to work, where it can do the good for the people and the planet, driving social and environmental good to those in the community.

We have learnt that mistake caused by not doing things the right way can damage our reputation overnight. We strive to keep the same high standards of quality, safety and environmental protection. On-going improvements to our processes, products and services comprise a major component of all workflow stages at Eco-Space.

This philosophy is reflected in our Integrated Management System (IMS). We pool all of our management processes regarding quality, safety, health, and environmental protection within this system.

Meticulous in every step of the way, trust us when we say you’re in good hands. That’s right, we have our cake and we can eat it!


Production and technology is often surrounded by an aura of complexity. And while a lot of technology is very complex, there is also a lot of accessible technology available for green manufacturing. Technology that has been around for ages, but is now offered in greener versions, free forming technology that makes it easier and uses less energy to create products and services. Eco-Space specialists have extensive knowledge of many of the existing creation technologies and are constantly learning themselves on new alternatives.

Starting from software for calculation and analysis, R&D level equipment, precision measuring equipment to more hardcore technology like production machines, extrusion, injection moulding and assembly, Eco-Space has quite a comprehensive portfolio of technology, equipment and experts that can help you give new insights into manufacturing or engineering. Let our advisors enlighten you and explore with us the untapped potential of your own products by looking at them from a different angle. And aside from creation technology, Eco-Space has extensive experience with recycling of products. By doing recycling in a controlled and quantified way, Eco-Space technology has proven to be able to salvage and rejuvenate materials deemed to be downgraded and used for lower applications than they were actually designed for. And with this turned waste streams into logistic and ecologic goldmines just by rethinking the process and adding existing technology. Converting the mostly linear supply chains of our valued clients into a more circular system that creates benefit and reduces losses.

We are not just a company that talks about these technologies, but we have hands-on experience and we can demonstrate this to you in one of our locations should you be keen on learning more. Contact us and we will convince you of the green potential of your product or service.


To realise the true potential of the green market, Organisations must help consumers change their behaviors.

In the mass market jungle of choices and alternatives that consumers are plated with today, it has become really easy for Organisations to label their products as environment-friendly. But as a consumer, have you ever wondered, to what extent these claims are true? More often than not, the answer is a plain NO. The only reason people buy this environment-friendly dishwashing liquid off the shelves (sometimes a little too expensive compared to the non-green ones) is because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel like they are doing their part to help the world. As a result Organisations take advantage of this consumer behaviour (because of all the green dollars that it’s bringing in) and continue with their green claims.

Over the years, many Organisations are caught red-handed at green-washing. So to avoid falling into this pitfall, Organisations need to relay to the public about their true environmental impact, as well as their attempts to reduce that impact. Only then consumers will believe the Organisation’s Earth-sparing claims. Actions speak louder than words, no?

Now, how high do you intend to keep your green reputation?